Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Positive thinking

I haven't much to report this week as, besides my niggling back problem, I have had a severe cold which rendered me to bed at 4pm on Sunday ! Man flu can be a killer, can't it guys !

Anyway, tried to get out yesterday morning but stopped after a mile as I was feeling ill. Annoyed with myself at my feeble attitude, I psyched myself up and told myself, in no uncertain terms,not to be so defeatist and that I was hitting the streets again after work at 9.30pm. Which leads me onto my main point...

I have always been a very strong believer in positive thinking - had it drummed into me from my dad at an early age. " There is no such word as can't " he used to drill into me religiously. With that in mind, and a " sod the world " attitude Liam Gallagher would have been proud of, I stomped out last night and managed to do six miles. Not only do them, but enjoyed it too - little traffic ( it was 10pm ) and it was surprisingly mild.It will be great training at that time when the nights get lighter. Not the quickest but that wasn't the point. I managed to overcome my negative thoughts and doubts about my fitness and wellbeing. Cobwebs blown away, I feel I am now back on an upward curve after a couple of weeks of negativity.

Call me a masochist but I am actually looking forward to my body challenging my mind in the later stages of the Parish.I believe this very special event is as much a battle within yourself as much as anything else which is probably its appeal for most people. Certainly it is true for me anyway !As my body wants to shut down, will I have the mental strength to battle through it ? Or will the words of my father ring in my ears and I finally discover he was lying to me and there is a word " can't" ! Should be fun finding out.

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