Friday, 20 April 2007

No niggles or aches ??

The last 10 days training have gone really well and, for the first time I can remember,I have not felt any niggles or strains. I have decided that the weekly regime will include a long walk, one speed session and one intermediate session of about 10-12 miles, relying on quality rather than quantity on my feet. It's so far so good.

I again managed to walk a part of the course this week and last Saturday walked from Shoprite Ramsey to Maughold and back with Matt H. I am pleased I managed to get this part done as, if I am honest, I didn't really know the route. What surprised me was, not the steep climbs up Ballajora or Hibernia Hill,just how long the Maughold route actually is. I went round there in the car just after Christmas and thought it was nothing, not realising I has taken a wrong turn ! Just after the Ballajora climb, the road forks left and right and I had turned right to go back onto the main road which I now know is the wrong way. There must be a further 3 miles in the loop including the final Hibernia push which I never knew was there ! I must admit I found the two rises not too bad although in the Parish itself I can see why this may be different. Fatigue is setting in and darkness is upon you, completely different from our hot sunny morning and only 3 miles into the walk ! Maybe my viewpoint of this area will be permanently altered in 9 weeks time ! Anyway it was a great session, just under 10 miles in slightly under 2 hours which I was pleased with.

Yesterday, I did my intermediate walk which on this occasion was a 14.1 mile loop from my house in Saddlestone up to Onchan Head and back again via Kewaigue in 2 hrs 45 min, an average of 5.1 mph. The good news is I did this route before with Mark H and struggled the last 3 miles, this time I felt comfortable. Isn't it strange how that happens sometimes, for no apparent reason ?

I am looking forward to the weekend and the 50 mile Fireman's Walk on Sunday. There are roughly 150 entrants and a high class field, from what I can gather, which is good for a fledgling event. At this stage sitting at my PC, I am not intending to complete the course and my intention is to use the event as part of my training and at least get to Ramsey which is 33 miles. Depending on how I feel, if I reach that point, will determine if I go on. However, I stupidly walked in new shoes the other day and am nursing a couple of blisters which may ultimately make the decision for me ! See you there !

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Steve Partington said...

Hi Dave,
For what it's worth, the section from Ramsey through to the Hibernia was my favourite part of the route last year. It was a beautiful, calm evening, I was walking with Roey Crellin and by this point I knew I'd get to the finish. Coming into Maughold, I also overtook someone - the first one since Rushen Church!
Keep up the good training and good luck.
Steve P.