Monday, 22 January 2007

Learning all the time

Due to a head cold plus one or two niggles,I have had a quiet week with a couple of 1 hour sessions followed by some speed work this morning. I am fighting fit now so intend to step it up this week ! It's important to listen to your body and back off when it tells you to. The last thing you want is a setback with the race less than 5 months away ( and counting !).

Due to being off island at the weekend ( watching the mighty Reds batter Chelsea ) I unfortunately missed the training sessions with UK coach Andy Drake but managed to get down to the NSC for a quick word with him on Sunday. I am constantly learning about this hard game and his input was invaluable. I have been concentrating too much on distance training so am starting to inject a little speed into my work. Andy told me that distance work is fine for an endurance event but ultimately, if you wish to be competitive, you need tactical speed. So my training will now encompass the whole spectrum - speed work, a four mile circuit flat out, a longer walk at a slower pace plus technique drills working on mobility and hip movement. This is an area I am particularly weak on.

One of the things I have noticed as a newcomer to racewalking,is that everyone you talk to involved in the sport locally is so friendly and helpful. Every week I am picking up nuggets of information ... anything from training regime to technique to footwear ! I must especially thank Bridget Kaneen who has helped me no end this week with my novice questions ! Also thanks to fellow blogger Mark Hempsall for highlighting the Saucony Fast Twitch 2 shoe. Steve P and Jackie C were actually wearing them on Sunday whilst Bridget wore them in the Parish last year so two pairs are winging their way to me this week ! They should be nicely broken in by June !


Martin Young said...

Sore Shins. I have suffered for the last 18 years with anterior compartment syndrome, (sore shins).
You have to find a stratergy that works for you. Some of this may help you. Firstly wearing softer midsole shoes helps. Self massage using using baby oil etc with the palm of your hand in an upwards direction. If you know any other techniques eg cupping etc to warm up the shins., prior to excersiing.

Make shure that your stretching incorporates your shins and calves (both shins and calves warmed and stretched). I find that also the time of year effects them, less in the summer.

Where possible pick training routes that are either flat or down hill at the start of your session. Every one is different how ever if I trained every day after a lay off it would take 2/3 weeks for the pain/tightness to reduce.

Hope this helps.


Dave Mackey said...

Thanks for your input Martin. Any advice is most helpful to me. I am finding my shins are improving as time passes but do hurt, as you said, after a lay-off.I am hoping my new, lighter Saucony shoes will help too