Friday, 26 January 2007

Walking with legends

For a variety of reasons, I have really enjoyed my training this week.

One reason has been the weather, believe it or not ! Although it's been cold, the sun has been out which is great to walk in. In my job, although I generally have to get up early, I usually have afternoon's free so managed to get out on 4 consecutive days. It really was a pleasure on Douglas Promenade on Wednesday afternoon - the sun was out and it was just me and my thoughts ! I am finding that the winter, which usually gets me down, is flying by this year due to forcing myself out into the elements. It really isn't that bad once you are out there.

Another reason is the people you get to meet whilst training. Down at the NSC on Thursday night was Marie Jackson, Chris Cale, Jock Waddington and the legendary Sean Hands. Oh and little old me !! I am totally in awe of these people and it was great for me just to be in their company and to watch them in their paces. Every week I am picking up fantastic tips and I can pass on a few : Chris told me he keeps a pace sheet under his vest during the race so he can monitor if he is on his time schedule at various landmarks - a great idea. While Sean told me that, although precautions can be taken to lessen the damage, blisters are almost inevitable in the Parish and you just have to battle through it ! Great ! He also told me that when a blister appears, don't try to compensate for it and just walk normally otherwise you risk injury. The blister will eventually burst which will hurt for a short time but soon passes.Invaluable advice for anyone but not really what I wanted to hear !

My Saucony Fast Twitch 2 shoes arrived this week and they are so light and comfortable, it's like you're wearing slippers - which is doubly useful as I don't own a pair ! They are getting an airing on Sunday with the next round of the Winter Walking League at Andreas. I must confess I am slightly apprehensive about the race as I have never competed at 10k distance and am worried I will be taken off my feet in the early stages, as I was in the Peel-Douglas the other week. If you see a guy breathing heavily with a big red face early on, that will be me !


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Steve Partington said...

Hi Dave,
I'm enjoying reading your Blog - keep it up! Just a word of advice about the race at Andreas this weekend...
It's a six lap race, so it's a great course for pace-judgement. If you call each lap a mile, then it's even easier! You'll need a watch to time yourself. Divide your Peel to Douglas time by ten. Take off about 10 -15 seconds and that should be your approx. aim for the first lap. That way you'll be sure of not going too fast and you'll hopefully be able to crank up your pace by a few seconds on each subsequent lap. Good luck!

Dave Mackey said...

Thanks very much for that Steve - great advice, especially coming from you. I didn't even know the race at Andreas was six laps so that was informative, thanks. Still nervous though !

Michael said...

I didn't realise it was six laps either (even though I have raced there twice before) and stopped after five the last time out before realising my mistake and I had to do another one. That hurt.