Wednesday, 10 January 2007


Wednesday 10th January

I have been in training for the Parish now since November and started out moderately and am gradually cranking it up. However, I am confused as to what I should really be doing. In Dermot O'Toole's excellent book " A Walk Through Time ", he advocates a daily training regime and this is how I started out. However, I found myself succumbing to little setbacks, especially with my back and dodgy ankle. I am currently trying to get out now every other day with at least an 8 mile walk twice a week. But I have since been told that longer walks turn you into a " plodder" and can blunt speed ?? As I am a novice, I am finding the training very much "trial and error" and trying to fit a schedule which suits both my body and timescale. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated !
I am also finding the first 2-3 miles of any walk the worst - my shins are absolute agony ! It's horrible and makes me want to jack it all in ! It does then ease off, however, and am told this is common in all race walkers but will get easier to bare as fitness increases. I hope this is right !

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