Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Making sacrifices

I have always been a relatively busy person and if not, like to keep myself occupied. I run a ( thankfully) busy business, have a hectic family life with two small children, own a Season Ticket at Liverpool FC and am a keen follower of horse racing. So there was never going to be any room for another obsession - or so I thought !

I must admit that since taking up walking in August, it has totally taken over my life. Whenever fit, I enjoy training immensely, which I never did when I played football, and the social side to the sport is tremendous - I have met some great people over the last few months which I would not have done ordinarily. The sport is not elitist in the slightest and everyone involved is helpful and approachable. I am just sorry I didn't discover the thrills sooner as I had literally done no sport at all for 10 years. I think a lot of guys struggle with exercise when they pack in football and don't know exactly what to do with themselves.

In order to accommodate the new love in my life, some things have to give so from today onwards, I have put myself on a strict no alcohol policy until after the Parish. Last week I discovered the negative effects the demon drink can have on your body after just one night on the town. On Wednesday, the night after the Reds had knocked out Chelsea, I went on an 11 miler. I struggled the whole way with my breathing, which had never happened before, and felt extremely sick and lethargic. Just days previously, I had flown over 8 miles and wouldn't have blown a candle out when I got home. SO NO MORE BOOZE DAVE, OK !!!

After a few niggles, which are nearly sorted and have been frustrating, I went out this morning and did one circuit of Mark Hempsall's loop which goes Rushen Church - Sloc - Round Table - Colby - Rushen Church, 11.5 miles in total. The first 2 miles killed me going up Ballakillowey as my shins were in agony with not having walked for a week. But I really enjoyed it once the pain had worn off as it was a beautiful morning and the traffic was very light. On my only previous ascent up the Sloc in April, you literally couldn't see 15 feet in front of you, so to see the views it has to offer was very uplifting. With six and a bit weeks to go, I feel I am back on track. So cheers and raise a glass to no more injuries - would you please pass me that Mineral Water !!??

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