Saturday, 26 May 2007

Doubts and fears...

Due to work piling up and a lack of time, I have only been out twice this week but the mileage was still ok. I did a 16 miler ( Boundary Stroll route in reverse ) on Monday which I found quite hard near the end. I didn't have much sleep the night before and was feeling quite sick and the last 3 miles were difficult. If anyone is aware of the Boundary Stroll route , which I mentioned in a previous posting, I suggest doing it the reverse way ie Douglas to Peel and back from Foxdale, as it is a much harder walk as you are constantly on the climb from Ballacraine onwards.

Then, due to the fact I missed out on a Champions League Final ticket in the ballot, I decided to punish myself with 2 laps of my Sloc - Colby- Rushen Church route on the day of the match ( 23 miles in total). This is a killer of a walk, especially if you don't carry enough liquid ! I ran out of fluid with 4 miles still to go which wasn't the best of planning.All I had left were dextrose tablets which made me even more thirsty ! However, having done the climb on numerous occasions in the past few weeks, the Sloc holds no fears for me whatsoever - in fact I quite enjoy it. I have got to know the route like the back of my hand and one bit of it always makes me smile. At the top of the Sloc, there is a road bollard which has been knocked over by a car and it lies at the side of the road. It looks like a huge mobile phone and reminds me of Dom Joly in Trigger Happy TV ! Well it amuses me, ok !! At the end of this particular walk, I was really knackered and had nothing left - so much so I hardly shouted at the telly at all during the match !

As the race approaches, I find myself thinking and worrying about irrational fears of which I have no control. Here is a snapshot of my murky mind :-

1/ What if the kids are unwell and we have a sleepless night on the 22nd June ?
2/ What if my support car breaks down ?
3/ Will my back hold out ?
4/ I have just bought new shoes. What if they are not broken it properly on the day ?
5/ What if pick up a virus from the kids ?
6/ What if I fall out with my wife and she tells me she's no longer my sole support team ?

See what I mean.Barking mad,completely neurotic and not like me at all. Get a grip Dave !

I think the next fortnight is going to be really frustrating for me, as I'm going to be really busy at work and won't have much time for training. That is bound to get me thinking ......have I done enough ?? I will be glad when this race is underway !!

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