Monday, 14 May 2007

What to eat ?

I don't know whether it's been blind panic on my behalf, with only five and a bit weeks to go, or whether it's because I am injury free but this week has been the most mileage I have managed to complile. In the last 6 days, from last Tuesday ( 8th May) to today ,I have got exactly 49 miles under my belt with amazingly, no flare- ups in any department( if that isn't tempting fate then I don't know what is !!)

The regime in the week was quite simple - I did three loops of my Sloc- Round Table-Colby-Rushen Church route, which is 11.4 miles each circuit, and a 15 miler this morning which was basically the Boundary Stroll route from Douglas to Foxdale, St Johns and back home along the Peel road. Just to prove how sad I am and how obsessed with time I have become, my average speed throughout the entire week was 5.15mph. I just need to string it together at the same time over a longer distance of ground !

The 3 Sloc laps were interesting as no one day was the same. One day wind behind, next day rain and on Sunday a north-westerly wind in your face which made the climb even harder. God help us all if it is a warm day come 23rd June and then having to face a breeze like that in your face. But, that is a reality and it was good to face it and battle through it.

The 15 mile walk this morning was also an eye-opener due to the weather. It started out cloudy, yet by halfway myself and Mark H were in blazing sunshine. Nothing can be taken for granted with the island's climate and both of us voiced great concerns, and a complete change of game-plan, if we have a hot one.

I am still learning the science and logistics of this game, and if I'm honest, I haven't got a clue what I'm doing. It bothers me immensely that I , for a novice and rookie, have trained quite hard yet it can all be easily undone by poor preparation and not eating and drinking the right things. I want to give myself the best possible chance and illiminate as many mistakes as I can and for that reason, I will be attending one of the talks held by Sports Nutritionist Kathryn Sentance next week. Any nuggets which anyone could throw my way in the meantime would be much appreciated too - please feel free to leave me a comment !!

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