Friday, 22 June 2007

Last minute posting

This will be my final posting before the race and then hopefully the next update will be my personal review of the day itself and how, well or otherwise, it went for me.

This is a bitter sweet moment for me as I have immensely enjoyed writing and reading the blogs( I hope you have too) and have, on the whole, relished the training. However, the whole experience has somewhat dominated mine, and my family's life, for a number of months and I will be happy ( and yet sad) to get off the treadmill and have a bit of a rest.As I say bitter sweet.

I would just like to thank all the organising committee for their hard work and organisation so we can have our fun (?). It can't be easy putting on a gig like this and without their effort and committment, there would be no race. So thank you all. I would also publicly, before the big day, like to thank my wife for putting up with me over the past few months and for all her help in my preparation. She is also my sole support team and deserves some sort of medal for taking it on by herself with the kids !

I would also like to wish all competitors the best of luck for tomorrow. This is a fantastic event, second in stature on the island only to the TT in my opinion, and just enjoy being part of the day/ night. My simple tips would be :-- don't start off too quick and warm up first, eat and drink regularly, make sure you have applied some sun screen and vaseline your feet.

See you all tomorrow !

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