Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Relief and Obsession

Thankfully, I am now feeling much better ( though still not quite 100 per cent) after the dreaded virus which flattened me. I am back in training and can't tell you what a relief it was to pull my trainers back on after 9 days in the wardrobe ( shoes not me). I am very much a confidence walker and need to be out quite regularly ( you are only as good as your last walk kind of mentality). With the race being so close, the lack of activity was playing on my mind, draining me of belief.

Anyway, rant over,I went for a bit of alternative training this weekend ( felt a bit like Sylvester Stallone training in the snow in Rocky IV, kept singing Eye of the Tiger in my head ! ) and managed a two hour hike in the company of Matt H up and over Greeba Mountain. I had never scaled it before and was bowled over by the peace and beauty of the surrounds. Once I had got used to the sheep poo and the rocky terrain, I really started to enjoy it despite the sweltering heat. I obviously didn't time the session as it was just time on my feet and the perfect tonic after the lay-off. I also managed a faster 11 miler the following day (up the Sloc) in again boiling conditions - my legs felt ok and I got to try out my new I-Pod shuffle which is only about an inch square and simply the best invention ever. I will be using this when the going gets tough in the race - I am hoping it stays in the boot of the car until at least Andreas !

I really am becoming obsessional with the race -I must have walked it in my sleep a dozen times and have tried to visualise myself at the finish line with a smile on my face ! I have also been scanning the race programme and noticeable absentees, if I am reading correctly, from last year's race are Alan Cowin ( 6th), Mike Readshaw ( 7th), Deemster Doyle ( 14th) former winner Chris Flint ( 16th) and surprisingly Jane Gibson ( or is it Kennaugh) ( 22nd). Metcheck is also currently predicting a temperature of between 9-15 degrees with occasional rain for the day - perfect if it can be trusted. Hopefully with a hot early June out the way, the weather will break and be kind to us all - I await Adrian Cowin's weather forecast on the Manx Athletics forum with bated breath !

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