Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Last minute problems

18 days to go. I remember when it was 196. I think this period is definitely called " twitchy bum " time. This is where it can all go wrong, having put so much in.

And I am not well at the moment. Caught a cold virus off the kids and can't shake it off. Including today, that's 5 days with no training, confidence is evaporating and I'm beginning to wonder whether I will be fit for the day. I think Steve mentioned in a previous posting that athletes are all hypocondriacs - I must be gold medallist then.Still, better it happened now than 2 weeks later.

Still managed to get 30 miles in last week prior to the dreaded lhergy, one 20 miler, which took just over 4 hours, and did some hill repeats in Glen Maye next to the post office - a steep hill and a good session with Matt H. The Fish needed the workout to blow away the cobwebs after a week in Greece. The trip was a disaster - ask him if you know him.

Due to the inactivity of myself and the presence of our two-wheeled friends, I have been busy preparing for the day. High viz jackets, sports drinks, extra tops, energy gels, bars and am still nowhere near there. It really is like trying to organise a D-day landing, particularly if you are a first timer. I think once you have competed in the race, you know what works and discard what doesn't, whereas I will be loaded to the gunnels with stuff I shall probably never use or need. But I would rather have it there than not.

I am looking forward to my " taper down " once I'm back on form but am not really sure what that means. If it means, doing nothing at all and having a good moan, then I am already into it !

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