Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Turning into Howard Hughes

I am so buzzed up for the race now and am writing this update at 5am - I can't sleep. I just wish Saturday would come so I can calm down !Anxiety has been manifesting itself into amusing dreams - I have a recurring nightmare where I have missed the start while my wife Kerry dreamt she ran out of bread making sandwiches! Michael George also told me he dreamt he got to Ramsey but wasn't allowed to carry on until he scored a goal - and kept missing !

I have been a nightmare at work for the past week as well. Catching anything off anyone at this late stage would be disastrous so I have turned myself into Howard Hughes - if anyone dared sneeze or cough near me, I've been legging it in the opposite direction ! I have also the heavy burden and pressure ( of finishing) of sponsor money for the IOM Anti Cancer Association weighing on my shoulders and any guest staying with me who asks me a question gets a sponsorship form thrust in their direction ! I will be lucky enough to be off work from Thursday onwards and will be glad of the rest - June is our busiest month and I intend to burrow a hole somewhere and come out on Saturday morning. By the way, if anyone would like to sponsor me, I would be delighted to hear from you - you can get me at work on 675081 or email dmac@mcb.net.

I have started getting ready for D-day ( it's literally like trying to organise one) sweets, gel bars, compeeds, sports drink,head torch, energy bars... I could go on ! The car has even had its yearly clean out and will be full of petrol for the first time in its life.

My first objective in the race has been reached - I have no regrets at all with my preparation. When I started training in November, I told myself I didn't want to line up on the day with any doubts of "if only ...". Aside from the usual niggles, an aggrevated blister in the Fireman's Walk and my illness over TT week, I have had few problems and have done all I could possible do as a first timer. I have made, and will make, mistakes no doubt but will be better for the experience. I have talked the talk, now I literally have to walk the walk !

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Steve Partington said...

Great blogs Dave! I keep reading how well-prepared you and Mark are... and realising just how unprepared I am. Unlike you, I am way off the mileage I wanted to do, but will just wait and see what happens on the day. Enjoy a few days relaxing and I'll see you on Saturday. Steve